Pathways to Deeper Awareness
Indigenous Wisdom

Video #1 - Introduction
Key questions:

  1. What struck you as being different regarding Indigenous ways, and which if any do you believe should be emulated in Western cultures, and why?
  2. How might hierarchical patriarchy diminish your ability to think freely?
  3. How would you describe the journey from the head to the heart?
  4. How does the recognition of the destruction of the Earth’s living systems inform you of your life’s work?

Video #2 – Climate Crisis
Key questions:

  1. What blinds Western Peoples from discerning how we are condemning ourselves, and our children, to generations of severe pain by the actions we have taken for decades that seem to continue with little change?
  2. What is it about the Earth (and Universe) as living systems that needs to be understood before we can see how related to and depended on, not only each other, but all life?
  3. What role has trashing the Earth played in our Climate Crisis, and how does Indigenous wisdom inform us reversing Global Climate Change?
  4. What is the consciousness that underlies our trashing of our Earth, and how might we establish a more enlightened awareness?

Video #3 - Spirit
Key questions:

  1. What did you learn about prayer and ascending spirit that could best support you moving forward?
  2. When have you connected with Spirit? Was it through prayer and how might it inform you about the energies of life?

Video #4 – Learning from Nature
Key questions:

  1. Was there a time when the primary teachers of all Peoples was Nature, and if so, when did it change and what has been lost?
  2. What do you feel is the importance of speaking a language that reflects life processes, and an appreciation of them?
  3. Is there a relatedness between water and women – what is it? What is the message and what can we do about it?

Video #5 – Finding the balance between feminine and masculine
Key questions:

  1. What are some ways to bring forth balance in our relationship to Nature and each other?
  2. What are Nature’s ways of creating and maintaining harmony among Earth’s systems?
  3. How does matriarchal culture differ from patriarchal culture?

Video #6 – Colonization
Key questions:

  1. To what degree is American a colonizing nation, and how does it affect on how we act, and the degree to which each of us is both a colonizer and colonized?
  2. What are the 5 steps taken to colonize people?
  3. What impact is there on Peoples who lose their identity?
  4. What is the story of Dakota 38?

Video #7 – Intergenerational Awareness
Key questions:

  1. What do you know about your own heritage, and to what degree do you appreciate how much you were given by those who gave of themselves so that their offspring would succeed?
  2. What will this world be like 7 generations into the future?
  3. 3) How many of our current specie threatening dilemmas were predicted by Indigenous Peoples, and how might they hold the wisdom to address them if we will only listen and learn? How do you suggest we approach this work?

Video #8 – Youth Leadership
Key questions:

  1. What is fundamentally different about the way Native Peoples educate their children, which approaches appeal to you?
  2. Do you think the process of educating masses of people can be accelerated by learning from our youth?
  3. What is the federal court case Isaac spoke about?
  4. What it Plant for the Planet and how will planting trees make a difference that affects climate change?

Video #9 – Reflections
Key questions:

  1. For what are you most grateful, and do you feel the responsibility to preserve it for all generations to follow?
  2. How can you bring Indigenous pathways into your life?
  3. Can you feel the simplicity and common sense imbedded in putting your focus and energies toward what you want rather than trying to problem solve with the same consciousness that caused the problem?
  4. How can you make changes to be more aware of your choices and how to create harmony in relationship with yourself, your family, community and the planet?