Pull Together Now (PTN) envisions a world where all Peoples thrive with sufficient abundance and in harmony with all that generates and sustains life.



Pull Together Now is an inter-faith, cross-cultural alliance catalyzing the well-being of all Peoples through transboundary collaboration. We are transcending religious, social, ethnic and political perimeters to speak and act from the heart to restore harmony with all that is.
"In these prophetic times, where human beings are pushing the Earth Mother’s life support systems to the brink, it is imperative to do whatever is possible to elevate human consciousness. We must heal separation from self, from other and Mother Earth. This separation is the root cause for all the human dysfunctions that are destroying Mother Earth and ourselves.”                                                                                                 Ilarion Merculieff


Place-to-place and face-to-face, PTN, an inter-faith and inter-cultural alliance, is fostering transformative intergenerational solutions to our collective challenges.



Dr. Steve Running, Climate Scientist and co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2007, “…it is clear that now the most important activities are grassroots efforts like Pull Together Now to organize the public, and teach the politicians that the majority of us want new leadership and policy on energy and the climate.”